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Carry out the following osmosis experiment:

  1. Explain why water gathers in the hollowed portion of B and C
  2. Why is potato A necessary for this experiment?
  3. Explain why water does not gather in the hollowed out portions of A and D.

Take four peeled potato halves and scoop each one out to make potato cups. One of these potato cups should be made from a boiled potato. Put each potato cup in a trough containing water. Now,

  1. Keep cup A empty
  2. Put one teaspoon sugar in cup B
  3. Put one teaspoon salt in cup C
  4. Put one teaspoon sugar in the boiled potato cup D. Keep these for two hours. Then observe the four potato cups and answer the following:


  1. Due to the presence of water level differences. Endo-osmosis occurs.
  2. We need potato A to compare the changes occurring in the other potatoes. As it shows that only a potato cavity cannot bring any movement of water without any change in concentration.
  3. Water does not gather in the hollowed portion of potato A as it was empty. Water also not gather in the cup D because the potato used was boiled which makes it inactive as after boiling its protein structure were denatured, resulting in the disruption of the cell membrane.