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Describe the structure and functioning of nephrons.


Structure of nephron includes:

  • Glomerulus
  • Bowman capsule
  • Ductal system

Bowman capsule is a bowl shaped structure glomerulus and efferent arteriole coiled in it, it is the site of filtration of blood. Ductal systems have proximal convoluted tubule, loop of henle, Distal convoluted tubule and lastly the collecting duct. The loop of henle has two parts ascending and the descending part.

Life Process

Functions of nephron:

  • Filtration: The purification of blood occurs in the bowman capsule where blood is filtered and filtrate enters the ductal system.
  • Reabsorption: The filtrate is reabsorbed (about 99%) is reabsorbed.
  • Secretion: Certain secretions are incorporated into the filtrate.

These steps help in the formation of urine.