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What are the different methods of contraception?


Different methods of contraception are:

  • Natural methods
  • Barrier methods
  • Oral contraceptives
  • Implants
  • Surgical methods

In the Natural method: fertilisation is avoided by avoiding mating from 10th to 17th day, as ovum is released and chances of fusion are very high. Also, the penis is removed just before ejaculation from vagina.

In the Barrier method: fertilisation is avoided by using barriers such as condoms for males, diaphragm for females.

Oral contraceptives are present in tablet forms which are used to avoid fertilisation or may prevent the embryo attachment to the uterine wall. Example: Saheli

Implants are devices which are placed in the female reproductive part to prevent entry of sperm. Example: Copper T

In Surgical methods, the Fallopian tube and vas deferens are cut and tied by surgery to prevent release of egg and sperm